Question by Ro’lan: How to fixing my Maytag SG1000 Stack washer/dryer?
My dryer decided to give me the finger one day and give out. The heat works but it does not tumble. My question is, can I fix it by just replacing the belt its self (assuming that’s why it is not spinning), and if so. Whats the easiest way of doing it. What would i need far as tools and what size belt if that is the problem to buy. I would love it if some one can get back to me ASAP so I can get this thing fixed before i go back to work and have no time to do it my self.

SN: cheapest way as possible, if you can. Have little to no money to spare for a repair man or new dryer.

Thanks a ton in advance!
Model Number: SG1000 Brand: Maytag Age: More than 10 years

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