Question by Disastersplaytoy: My landlord is taking me to court , what all can she do ?
I lived in this house and every since i moved in , there has been nothing but trouble , the outlets sparked all the time , the fuses are old bus fuses that kept blowing, the one outlet melted my extension cord, the bath was clogged and we asked her to get someone to snake it and and she hadn’t, the light switch would shock us not just a lil static electricity , i’m talking bout actually shocking you like volts. O and let me not forget the window sill pouring when it rained. It rained inside and destroyed our flat screen tv and playstation 3 .

My boyfriend and i moved out the beginning of the month of july as she asked us to leave early, plus i wouldn’t take us living in that mess any longer.
WEll i just received a letter in the mail from her stating she would take me to court unless i paid $ 1,904 .
Here’s what shes saying i owe her for:

Unpaid rent for july( we moved out july 6th our lease was up july 31rst)
cleaning charge
new carpet (which shes claiming is soaked with urine)
lawn mowing charges (she had the neighbor do it )
Garbage removal
Unpaid utilities (which are in her name)
washer repair (which was working perfect before we left)

I didn’t get my security deposit back , which was 1150
she said she subtracted and from that she got the total $ 1904 to still charge me

Is this fair ? Can she do this and get the money from all this? Can i counter sue for my damages?
help !

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