Question by House: How much does it cost to get a repairman to repair washer?
I believe the problem was in a leak that happened when I washed my three pillows (which filled the washer fully) and a leak began to commence (showing water on all sides of the washer).
This is a double-stacked washer and uses only one power supply/cord. Dryer turns on, but washer doesn’t budge. I believe it’s is a shorted out water from the water leak (not sure).

Anyone ever had this problem? Do you know the cost for repairs on average estimate.

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Answer by mr.obvious
Unplug it and Put a fan on it so that air can move around the back and leave it on all night. You may be right, the water might be keeping it from coming on. after it dries for a couple of days, then try it, it should work. leave the washer door open too.

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