Question by fifty50: My washer won’t start spinning unless I slam down the lid. What should I do?
The washer fills with water and then stops. I have to slam down the lid, usually once, but last time I had to slam it down several times and it finally started spinning. I’m afraid it will stop working soon. I can’t afford a repair person or a new washer.

I see a plastic part on the machine right under the lid. I’m wondering if that is what I need to fiddle with. The Internet mentions a lid switch and that is a metal piece that I don’t see on my washer.

I have Sears Kenmore model 110.269222500 series cs1901885 type 111 if that matters.
I just looked at it again. The side of the lid is held to the washer by a hinge. The hinge trips the lid switch. Sometimes it is tripped and other times, it isn’t. It clicks when it is tripped.

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