Question by : whats wrong with my washer? won’t spin or agitate.?
i have a hotpoint vvsr1070 washer. it will fill and drain but doesn’t agitiate or spin. i checked for clogs and there was none in the drain pipe. i opened it up and the belt looks perfect and brand new. i only got the bottom off but can’t seem to get the whole metal panel casing off of the washer to check the front. also i can’t remove the agitator. i took the top off the agitator and there is a well with 4 white nubbins inside and holes on the sides to drain water., i’m assuming its for fabric softener?

i tried withh all my strength to pull up on the agitator to remove it but it doesn’t budge.

I AM NOT CALLING A REPAIR MAN! otherwise i would have done so already 😉

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