Question by Wingman: Who pays for rental repairs in California, tenant or landlord?
In my rental house, when A/C, heating system, microwave, diswasher, oven or anything else breaks down, my tenants contact me and ask me to get it repaired and I do. When my tenant moved in, I gave them all these things in working condition. Do I have to pay for repairing these things all the time? If something like window glass breaks on a window due to tenant, it is easy to consider that damage by tenant, and I don’t have to pay for repairing it but tenant, but how could I figure out when A/C or applicances break and require repair if that was caused by tenant abuse or neglect or normal use?

Also, does the California law allows that a landlord can put a term in his or her lease agreement that all repairs would be the responsibility of the tenant?

I am a landlord.

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